Abstract: With increased globalization of the world economies, for
most enterprises, market opportunities seem to be endless these days.
Consequently, departing from the traditional commercial strategies and
tactics, innovative managers are looking for unique ways to compete
more effectively on a local, regional and global basis. Internet has
received so much attention from business world because the internet
will accelerate the decrease in costs of information. In addition, it
provides a universal availability and higher quality of information.
Internet also provides a fundamentally different environment for
international marketing and requires a different approach. Marketing
mix on internet marketing consist of five P‟s: price, product, promotion,
place, and personalization. Internet marketing establishes the new
marketing paradigm. This paper will try to explain the effect of internet
marketing on marketing mix and to determine some building blocks in
the new marketing paradigm

More Reasons to have Custom Web Design

  1. Custom web design is always and should be SEO friendly. Hence it becomes one of the best methods to rank higher in all the search engines.
  2. As for a general website (basic website), poor search engine ranking usually will become an issue, but when the custom web design approach is applied, it will have a higher possibility of skipping this issue.
  3. On the other hand, building a website that is custom fit with all of your desire contents and creativity, you can then fairly compete with your major online rivals in the search engine ranking race and you will have higher chance to topped them over!
  4. With the idea of implementing custom web design approach, you tend to also highlight the importance of your different products and services that you offer. Thus, you can also suggest better pricing compared with your competitors.
  5. You may need to get a professional web design company to help you uplift your brand image and ensure that you are getting the best results and outcome that is value for money.
  6. You can juggle between saving time or increasing revenue.
  7. Hiring freelance web designers may not seem to be a good idea. As they are probably less committed or perhaps lack of experiences in terms of wide branding perspective.
  8. In short, they don’t spend as much time building your website (more of moonlighting), as compared to a web design company that is doing it on a full-time basis.
  9. It also saves you so much time as you do not need to get involved in the ideation, design process, sitting with the designer side by side and also sorting out the specifications on how you want your website page to look like. You can just leave it to the pro!
  10. Therefore, you have more time to focus on your business, products innovation, services perfection and core values.
  11. Having a custom web design will also give you more control over your website and easy to update contents in the future. It is flexible and able to adapt to the ever-changing trend.
  12. Brand recognition will also improve as a result of custom web design. It gives you the idea that everything is possible through online marketing, working well with your specific requirements and needs.
  13. The benefits are endless if you do lots of online marketing, and for a start, you sure need to invest in custom web design that is worth spending.

To summarise, it uplifts your brand recognition, saves time, better search engine ranking, connecting you with your customer and foster better engagement.

I’d Rather Not Think About It

When my great uncle passed, he was given one of the monuments in Morris County NJ by his family. He specifically wanted one and even requested it in his will. He mentioned that the family could add to it whatever they wanted. It’s a good thing that he was good to the family, because if he wasn’t, they could have added just about anything. They had a beautiful message to go along with it. I’ve never really thought about what I want when I pass, but I guess if I had to make a choice, a monument sounds pretty nice.

I’m not even at the age where I would expect to have a monument, but I suppose I’ll get there eventually. Those kinds of thoughts are something that I like to avoid, because I don’t want to make anything happen sooner than it should. I’m a little bit superstitious in that way. Nothing will probably happen to me when I think about those topics, but I don’t want to take any chances. Continue reading “I’d Rather Not Think About It”

Read Why He Does Not Text Back To You Quickly

Any time a woman is texting a man they may be attracted to, they anticipate answers rapidly. Naturally, they’re waiting around by the phone for a answer. They are often pondering, should i text him? Usually, they will want to try to be willing to wait, the guy might be pre-occupied presently. Being patient even when they aren’t getting a reply can demonstrate to the person they’re not just holding out to speak and have a lot occurring in their particular life. Repeatedly texting may possibly show the person they’re overly obsessive and may ruin an otherwise great connection.

Often times a lady ponders why he stopped texting me it will be simply because he could be otherwise preoccupied. Frequently, men aren’t most likely going to point out they have to go get something done, they just go take action. They might have to arrive at a conference at the office, they may have gone to the gym, or they may simply be laying down to go to sleep. In case they don’t text back to you in a few hours, it is usually okay to send them a single message for you to find out if they got your text. Otherwise, it is best to go on and await a answer.

It’s important to continue to be relaxed and never jump to a conclusion. Because of panicking over why did he stop texting me, they may find themselves texting many times rapidly or perhaps find themselves delivering furious texts they just don’t mean. This is often amazingly harmful to a connection, even if it’s brand new. Occasionally a chat of boundaries is needed and may resolve the trouble. Other times, the relationship might not recuperate and can end. It is actually okay to call just once after failing to get a response in a long time, however keep his schedule in your mind and try to recollect if he stated he would definitely be somewhere. Chances are, he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be and definately will answer when he is not occupied any longer.

Many girls are likely to worry when he doesn’t text back, particularly if they may be in a new partnership. It’s not hard to jump to the summary that he is cheating, however in most cases that is not going to be the scenario. He’s most likely merely busy and will respond to the text as soon as he gets the opportunity or perhaps the very next time he sees her.