We Needed New Keys for the Front Door

My husband bought me a front door for my birthday. That might sound pretty odd, but it was the perfect gift. I had my eye on a fancy red door with etched glass for nearly a year, and he finally surprised me with it. The only problem was that the keys that came with it did not fit the lock. The company said we could return the door for a new one, but it was already up. Instead, we just contacted a Brisbane locksmith for new keys. We knew that it would not cost that much since it was just to get new keys, and it would be a lot easier to do it this way instead of having my husband take the door down and starting over. Continue reading “We Needed New Keys for the Front Door”

I’d Rather Not Think About It

When my great uncle passed, he was given one of the monuments in Morris County NJ by his family. He specifically wanted one and even requested it in his will. He mentioned that the family could add to it whatever they wanted. It’s a good thing that he was good to the family, because if he wasn’t, they could have added just about anything. They had a beautiful message to go along with it. I’ve never really thought about what I want when I pass, but I guess if I had to make a choice, a monument sounds pretty nice.

I’m not even at the age where I would expect to have a monument, but I suppose I’ll get there eventually. Those kinds of thoughts are something that I like to avoid, because I don’t want to make anything happen sooner than it should. I’m a little bit superstitious in that way. Nothing will probably happen to me when I think about those topics, but I don’t want to take any chances. Continue reading “I’d Rather Not Think About It”